What Happened When Tony Stark Said, “I Am Iron Man”?

Robert Downey Jr.

Joe and Anthony Russo, directors of the Avengers: Endgame, have shared a video showing the reaction of the crowd during Tony Stark’s “I am Iron Man” scene. 

Avengers: Endgame premiered last year and while celebrating the first anniversary of the film, the Russo Brothers joined a watch party. This occasion had given them a chance to share some of the bites from behind the scenes from the Endgame

Iron Man was founded in 2008, since then, Marvel had launched a number of heroes. Those heroes had united together in order to save the universe from Thanos. Till Avengers: Infinity War, half of the life had been terminated. The remaining heroes from the MCU had been featured in Avengers: Endgame. Avengers: Endgame had tied up with 21 films that tell the story and had started with Iron Man.

Tony Stark Iron Man

Avengers: Endgame beholds the staying avengers, that is led by Robert Downey Jr. ‘s Tony Stark and Chris Evans’ Captain America. They fight together to bring the world back. The film provides a reasonable conclusion. 

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Fans Reaction During “I Am Iron Man” Scene:

The Russo Brothers tripped down to the packet of memories and shared a video on Twitter, that shows Tony Stark acquiring the Infinity Stones from Thanos. 

The public at the Regency Village Theater’s surprise is thoughtful of what most audiences felt when recognizing Tony Stark would succumb (victoriously). It’s a response that clearly surpassed the expectations of Joe and Anthony Russo. The reaction has boosted the expectations of Joe and Anthony Russo. 

The decision of possessing the “I am Iron Man” scene before snapping the finger was made by the creatives. The decision was made in post-production. Tony gave the allure and declared himself as the superhero. 

Endgame’s scene summarizes the character of Tony Stark. He surrenders himself for the decent motive of civilization with the help of enlisted avengers.


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