Prayers Can be offered in the mosque from Johar Tomorrow, InshaAllah

Only healthy worshipers will be able to perform the prayers from the Johar prayers on May 8 tomorrow following the hygiene rules. This includes Farz and Tarabi prayers. Restrictions will remain in place for those engaged in the care of children, the elderly, the sick and the infirm.

I get that lesson from prayers

On Wednesday, the Ministry of Religion issued a notification containing several instructions. It is mentioned there that the mosque should be completely disinfected before every prayer. Carpets cannot be laid in the mosque. There should be disinfection system at the entrance of the mosque. The worshipers have to bring their prayers with them and they cannot enter the mosque without a mask.

In case of standing prayers in a row, a distance of 3 feet must be observed and one row after another must be arranged. Iftar and Sehri cannot be organized in the mosque. A maximum of 5 people can stay in the mosque for itikaf while maintaining a safe distance.

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