How to top up Free Fire Diamonds from external websites in April 2021


Free Fire diamonds are used to purchase in-game items such as cosmetics, pets, characters and more.

There are many ways for players to acquire Free Fire diamonds. Using external top-up websites like Codashop and Games Kharido have emerged as one of the most popular ways to do so.

This article provides a detailed step-by-step guide on how to top up Free Fire diamonds via external websites as of April 2021.

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How can players top up Free Fire diamonds from external websites in April 2021?

#1 Games Kharido

Games Kharido (Image via Games Kharido)
Games Kharido (Image via Games Kharido)

Games Kharido is an immensely popular top-up website, especially among Indian players. The website offers a 100% top-up bonus on the first purchase.

Players can follow the steps given below to buy Free Fire diamonds from Games Kharido:

Step 1: Players must visit the official website of Games Kharido. The link to the website is provided below:

Games Kharido official website: Click here.

Step 2: They can then tap on the “Free Fire” option and log in using either of the available methods – Player ID or Facebook.

Step 3: Players can choose their preferred payment method and top up. After a successful purchase, diamonds will be added to their accounts.

The top-up prices on Games Kharido are as follows:

  • INR 40 – 50 Diamonds + Bonus 50
  • INR 80 – 100 Diamonds + Bonus 100
  • INR 240 – 310 Diamonds + Bonus 310
  • INR 400 – 520 Diamonds + Bonus 520
  • INR 800 – 1060 Diamonds + Bonus 1060
  • INR 1600 – 2180 Diamonds + Bonus 2180
  • INR 4000 – 5600 Diamonds + Bonus 5600

#2 Codashop

Codashop (Image via Codashop)
Codashop (Image via Codashop)

Codashop is another top-up website that is commonly used by the gaming community. In this website, players can directly purchase diamonds by entering their Player ID. They do not have to create an account or log in to the website to do so.

Players can follow these steps to buy Free Fire diamonds from Codashop:

Step 1: Players must first visit the Codashop website. They can click here to be redirected to the website.

Step 2: Players should then press the “Free Fire” option and enter their Player ID in the text field.

Step 3: They can choose the required recharge (top-up) and payment method. Diamonds will be credited to the players’ Free Fire accounts after the payment is processed.

Here are the top-up costs on Codashop:

  • INR 40 – 50 diamonds
  • INR 80 – 100 diamonds
  • INR 240 – 310 diamonds
  • INR 400 – 520 diamonds
  • INR 800 – 1060 diamonds
  • INR 1600 – 2180 diamonds
  • INR 4000 – 5600 diamonds

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