How to Create a Breakfast Grazing Board With Yogurt & Granola


There’s nothing quite like the feeling of sunshine and a light breeze on your skin after months of being cooped up inside. With the onset of spring (and the fresh taste of optimism in the air), we’re all ready to get outside and enjoy the warmer weather. One way we’re planning to celebrate the season’s beautiful temps is with a picnic (ps. they’re going to be huge this year). And if you’re still planning your Mother’s Day surprise, might we suggest you pack a basket and treat her to this delicious breakfast grazing board in your nearby park?

It’s the perfect way to gather with friends and family right now while respecting people’s comfort levels by staying outside and giving the option of social distancing. Plus, if you don’t have a full outdoor furniture setup, no prob. All you need for a great meal on the grass is a picnic blanket (or in my case, this throw blanket) and an easy snackable menu made for sharing. Load it all up into a big basket and head to your local park—or if you have one, your own backyard.

Since I love a cheese and charcuterie board, I went ahead and translated that idea into breakfast with this delicious grazing board featuring all the ingredients for the ultimate yogurt parfaits with Purely Elizabeth granola and a colorful spread of fruit, honey, and herbs. This “recipe” is really easy. In fact, it’s so simple it can’t be called a recipe; it’s just yogurt, granola, and fruit, but when it’s artfully arranged, it feels special occasion-worthy.

How to make a beautiful yogurt and granola parfait breakfast board:

  1. Anchor the board with bowls of yogurt and fruit. This provides the structure of your design so that you can get creative and a little more artful with the fruit.
  2. Offer a variety of yogurts. I went with a full-fat plain greek yogurt paired with a strawberry coconut yogurt, which works great for people who are dairy-free.
  3. Add granola. I am obsessed with Purely Elizabeth’s Honey Almond Granola salty-sweet flavor. The gluten-free recipe is made with organic quinoa, amaranth, chia, and raw virgin coconut oil, combined with organic honey, sliced almonds, and their ancient grain granola. As an added bonus, it’s also made with probiotics to support digestive and immune health.
  4. Slice a variety of fruit and add it to the board. I used grapefruit, bananas, kiwi, figs, and strawberries but feel free to use whatever you love—it’s fun to add one or two more unusual fruits to make this board feel special.
  5. Finally, add your garnishes: mint, honey, and chopped almonds are the perfect toppings to finish off these parfaits.

Once you’ve prepared your spread, set out your breakfast grazing board as the centerpiece to a backyard picnic, give everyone a bowl and a spoon, and let them help themselves to their favorite combination. (Hot tip: this breakfast board is also a hit with kids.)

If you want to take it to the next level, add some waffles or mini pancakes to the spread using the Pure Elizabeth Grain-Free Protein + Collagen Pancake & Waffle Mix. These pancakes/waffles are light, fluffy, and full of texture with no added sugar making them a deliciously healthy alternative not to mention fun addition to the grazing board spread.

By the way, you can hop on over to Purely Elizabeth and get 25% off my favorite products – just enter code CAMILLE at checkout.

Just because you’re outside doesn’t mean you can’t decorate your picnic blanket in the same way you would a tablescape indoors! When hosting a small gathering (or even a solo one) get out your clippers and cut some greenery, fresh flowers, and branches from your garden or in the neighborhood to brighten things up. It instantly elevates the picnic into a special occasion—and that should always be the goal when we’re celebrating mom! 

And it doesn’t have to cost you either. Simply mix and match cutting boards, bowls, spoons, blankets, and vases that you already have at home. Be sure to hit up your local farmer’s market for the best in-season ingredients to add to your board—the produce is so fresh and usually cheaper too!

The beauty of a picnic is that you can spread it all out and let everyone help themselves. It’s all about keeping it casual and the focus is on spending time together which means the food is always highly shareable and snackable. To help plan your Mother’s Day picnic, a solo picnic, or one with friends, follow our handy checklist of picnic essentials to pack below.

What to pack for the perfect, cozy picnic setup:

  • A blanket. This lightweight throw blanket adds a beautiful, textural base layer to our picnic spread
  • A big cutting board that doubles as a serving board
  • A knife for slicing fruit
  • Bowls or cups for parfaits, and spoons
  • Sunglasses
  • Sunscreen
  • A big hat
  • Napkins or hand wipes
  • Bug spray
  • And if you’re traveling away from home, don’t forget the trash bags!

Above all else, our number one tip for creating a breakfast grazing board for a Mother’s Day picnic is to have fun. Once you’ve gathered all of your ingredients and packed your bags (don’t forget your picnic basket!), find a sunny spot at your local park or backyard and enjoy a slow afternoon grazing on delicious food with lots of laughs and good conversation. Now, that’s a recipe we can all get behind—Happy Mother’s Day!

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