An Evolution of Textiles

Although man’s first articles of clothing and furnishing were probably animal skin wraps, sometimes stitched together using bone needles and animal sinews, he soon attempted to manipulate fibrous materials into textile fabrics, encouraged by experience gained from interlacing branches , leaves and grasses in the production of primitive shelters.
Photo of Clothes

The word ‘Textile’ originates from the latin verb “Texere’- to weave but , as the Textile Institute’s Terms and Defmition Glossary explains , it is now ” a general term applied to any manufacture from fibers , filaments or yarns characteristics by flexibility , fineness and high ratio of length to thickness.

Textile is a very widely used term which includes,

i) All kinds of fibers (e-g: Cotton , Jute, Wool, Viscose etc)

ii) All kinds of process (e-g: Spinning, Weaving, Knitting, Dyeing, printing, Finishing etc).

iii) Ali kinds of machineries (e-g: Spinning Machineries, Weaving Machineries, Knitting Machineries etc).

iv) To convert textile fiber into finished or end use products (e g’: Garments, Furnishing Materials, Household Textiles, Medical Textiles, Shoes Textiles, Fishing Nets etc).

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