AdMaven Vs AdSense

AdMaven is one of the most popular online advertising platform that focuses on pop-under ads. Not to mention, as of today, pop-under ads have been a staple of many publishers in a more wanting monetization mix.

Well, the pop-under ad is a type of ad that displays in a new browser window behind the current browser window. And eventually, the pop-under ad is the sneakier relative of the pop-up ad. And while pop-up ads are often shown (and closed) instantly, pop-under ads linger behind the current browser window.

AdMaven Review | Pop-up Ads Agent better than AdSense » jmexclusives

Appearing only after other windows have been closed. Of course, Yes! This is typically when a website is clicked and a new page will open.  Often mistaken as the pop-up windows, this type of advertising opens the new page underneath the main website.

Pop-under by AdMaven is a type of window that appears behind the browser window of a Website that a user has visited. In contrast to a pop-up ad, which appears over (on top of) the browser window, a pop-under is less obtrusive as it hides behind other windows.

Pop-unders are used extensively in advertising on the Web, though advertising is not the only application for pop-under windows. In simple terms, a pop-under is also referred to as a pop-under ad.

What is AdMaven?

Often, readers like you who are going through this article would wonder what is AdMaven? So, I’m going to take you through from the start. From the introduction of Ad Maven, and detailed AdMaven Review in 2020. As well as everything you need to know about the best Ads Network.

AdMaven is Known as one of the best Pop Under Ad Network. It is a popular online platform that focuses on pop-under ads. A pop-under is a process that works like;  when the website is clicked and a new page is opened suddenly. And by all means, AdMaven is also experienced when it comes to advertising online.

t has been a staple of many publishers’ monetization mix. In the advertising industry, it provides a great platform to its users.

Not forgetting, it offers the publishers a range of additional ways for monetizing their websites. Including the traditional pop-ups, banners, lightbox ads, sliders, and new tab options, etc.

Here is more breakdown;
  • Company Name: AdMaven.
  • CEO Name: Noam Cohen.
  • Commission Type: CPM for Popunder, CPC for push notification Ads.
  • Monetization Methods: Pop-ups, Banner Ads, Lightbox ads. Slider Ads and Interstitial ads.
  • Minimum Payout: $50.
  • Payment Option: PayPal and Wire Transfer.
  • Payment Frequency: Net 30.
  • Referral Commission: 8%
  • Website:

Why Should I Monetize My Site With AdMaven?

Who doesn’t want to earn money online right? Websites and blogs have become a major part of the technological revolution. Whereby, even little kids these days are coming up with ideas on how to make great blogs and websites. Some of which they can show off to their classmates.

On the contrary, out of the millions of websites currently existing on the Internet, only a small percentage make decent revenue off of them. And as avid Internet users we all know how the Internet runs, it runs on ads. An online advertisement is a crucial ingredient required to make a website profitable.

Signup Process

After all, it is not just that a site should provide excellent service to its followers, it should also be able to make money out of it, in order to keep offering its great content.

Making a decent profit is especially tricky if your site is not compliant with Google AdSense. But, since there are so many ad networks out there, it makes it easier to earn some money along the way. As of today, Ad-Maven is one such ad network.

Advantages for Publishers:

For publishers, it takes two minutes to integrate push notifications on your website.

It increases revenue with minimal website real estate. Native push notification service is user-friendly and compliant with the format of sites.

Advantages for Advertisers:

It is a fully customizable format with a reach of over 150 million daily active users. It also offers high CTR, performance-oriented format (CPC), and after click performance.

So, if you are planning to run ads, this process can really make you stand out from the crowd. So all in all, Ad Maven is a great ad traffic network that should not be missed out on.

Ad-Maven offers the publishers to cash out their earnings through:

  • Paypal
  • Payoneer
  • Bank Account

This can vary on how your website is performing.

How does AdMaven Pop-ups work?

In the late 90s, advertising on the Web changed with the introduction and widespread usage of JavaScript language for programming on the Web.

The language was an option to enable you to open a new browser window. This leads to the steady development of what we now call pop-up advertising.

Eventually, which is offered through means other than JavaScript, such as ActiveX. As you surf the Web it is increasingly common to have a browser window with advertisements pop up at you.

Formally called a pop-up advertisement, most people now just call these annoying little windows pop-ups.

And something as simple as a mouse click, a mouseover, or simply loading or exiting a Web page in your browser can trigger pop-ups to appear. There are different types of pop-ups and different ways to keep them from popping up on your system.

AdMaven recently launched a new product called “Native Push Notifications” – a monetization method that is 100% compliant with the new Google friendly-sites policy.

And can also be used alongside Google AdSense Ads. Native push is a clean, user-friendly and absolutely non-intrusive ad format.

Working perfectly on mobile and desktop, the Native Push generates extremely high conversion rates. Allowing blog publishers (like jmexclusives) to make amazing money while keeping the user experience as high as possible.

In addition, Native Push doesn’t disrupt the flow users get while browsing on your website.

And they do not decrease the profits from other ad formats. As they don’t take up space on your website or redirect users to different sites.

AdMaven focuses on three major aspects for the publisher that gives them an advantage. And thus, they include;’

Product Ads Banner

Using the latest technology for ads and banners, AdMaven enables publishers to monetize each of their pages effectively.

The advertisers are able to play well because their full-page ads convert well.

Global Target Audience

Global audience and reach is the market that AdMaven offers to advertisers.

AdMaven has been able to establish a strong audience for its advertisers by working with solid publishers.

In turn, the advertisers have grown in quality which has improved the performance for publishers.

Website Traffic Monetization

AdMaven has done a solid job offering a monetization for publishers that do not cannibalize their current suite of ad placements.

The full-page ads (AKA. Pop-unders) act as an incremental revenue stream. And all in all, the AdMaven offers publishers a vast pool of advertisers. That is why they offer around 500 million daily impressions to advertisers.

AdMaven has proven itself to be a serious player in the industry with such a large volume and a strong suite of advertisers.  AdMaven is a subsidiary of Webpick Internet Holdings.

How Do I Start?

Ad-Maven also comes with the advantage of push notification for advertisers and publishers. Native Push Notifications by Ad-Maven are a great way of reaching customers.

They can be annoying but if executed the right way, they can bring more conversions to one’s business. Ad-Maven’s native push notifications are designed to bring more revenue with other advantages for both advertisers and publishers.


Ad-Maven’s “Native Push Notification” service that allows you to target content that users want to see.

When a user opts-in to receive the notifications of your website, they get a notification, and on clicking that notification, the user gets redirected to a particular page.

It’s also an easy way to send customized messages on desktop and mobile devices.

The Monetization Program Signup Process

It is a unique premium ad network that can assist bloggers and publishers to earn money through pop ads and other ad formats.

The two best features about Ad-Maven are that publishers are provided with detailed reports about their earnings and each publisher is assigned with a friendly account manager. The account manager can advise users on how to manage their accounts better and potentially earn more money.

The signup process is extremely simple, just enter your full name, email address and password and you are good to go.

Once your account is ready, you will have the option to add your websites that you want to run ads on and create ad units that will run on those sites. This process is once again extremely straightforward and easy to use.

Once the added site approved, publishers can easily create tags (also known as Ad units).

What are Spyware Pop-ups?

Did you know? In the first half of 2007 Spyware Infections prompted 850,000 U.S. households to replace their computers. And one out of 11 surveyed had a major, often costly problem due to spyware. (Source: Consumer Reports, State of the Net 2007)

To simply put, a Pop-up Spyware is considered a malicious program and is similar to a Trojan Horse in that you unwittingly install the product when you install something else.

How you Become a Victim of Spyware Infections

A common way to become a victim of spyware is to download certain peer-to-peer file swapping products. As well as some freeware like games or other applications.

There are even malicious people who actually hide spyware in “anti-spyware” programs. Here people install the program, thinking it will remove existing spyware from their computer. But, in fact, it actually installs spyware.

In addition to privacy issues, it could also monitor your surfing habits, install unwanted toolbars and change your browser settings and homepage. For instance, some spyware can transmit every bit of information you enter on the Web back to a third party.

Some spyware can flood your system with so many pop-ups that it uses large portions of hard drive space and system resources to the point of notably slowing it down, or worse yet, rendering your system unstable or unusable.

How to Safeguard Yourself from Spyware Infections

Keeping your system free of spyware pop-ups requires ongoing PC maintenance.

It’s far easier to protect your system on a daily basis than it is to recover your system if it is already infected with pop-ups.

Here are 6 tips to help you keep your computer pop-up free

Basic pop-ups can appear as you surf the Web. These advertisement windows will pop-up (and under) your browser window as you view Web pages.

And in some cases, multiple windows will appear, often interfering with your ability to read the Web page.

However, many browsers offer a built-in tool or way for you to disable pop-ups as you surf the Web. Below is an example of how you go about it.

1. Block or allow pop-ups in Chrome

By default, Google Chrome blocks pop-ups from automatically showing up on your screen.

Pop-up blocked

When a pop-up is blocked, the address bar will be marked Pop-up blocked. 

You can also decide to allow or disallow Google Chrome pop-ups.

If you still get pop-ups after disabling them:

  • You may have previously subscribed to receive notifications from a site.
  • But, you can block notifications if you don’t want any communications from a site to show up on your screen.
  • Your computer or phone may be infected by malware.

With this in mind, Learn how to get rid of pop-up malware.

As well as How to Block or allow pop-ups in Chrome.

2. Firefox (Windows)

Tools > Options > Content > Block pop-up Windows.

You can also set “exceptions.” By specifying Web sites that are allowed to open pop-up windows. In that case, by entering the Web site address in the Exceptions tab and clicking Allow.

3. Windows Internet Explorer

Tools > Pop-Up Blocker > Turn On Pop-up Blocker.

Under Tools > Internet Options > Privacy, you can also change the settings for the pop-up blocker.

Allowing pop-ups for some Websites where you enter the site address and select add.

You can also adjust the filter level with high to low settings.

Pros of AdMaven Ad Network:
  • Payments are always on time.
  • Best Ad Network For Small publishers.
  • 24/7 live support is available.
  • Sites don’t need the approval to join.
  • Real-time statistics.
  • Traffic from all over the world is accepted.
  • High CPM Rate.
  • Supports multiple ad formats
Cons of AdMaven Ad Network:
  • Image resizing is not available.
  • Delayed moderations.
  • Slow support Center due to a large number of requests.

Here is more Ad-Maven Review for Publishers


Ad Maven also offers an equally good advertising solution for businesses to help advertisers expand their online visibility, boost sales figures and increase profits.

If you want to advertise your business, you have to first “SIGN UP AS AN ADVERTISER” and then follow the processes to start using the network. The manager assigned to advertisers is extremely helpful.

They can guide advertisers from the first step, and even businesses who do not know how to set up ads can do so in a matter of few moments. The managers will help advertisers become familiar with the ad network so that they can tweak it to their own liking.

However, this process rejects all low-quality sites leaving users only with good healthy pages.


Finally, it’s my hope that the above-revised profile guide on how to use AdMaven Pop-under ads was useful to you as well.

But, if you’ll have additional commentaries, questions or even more suggestions, please feel free to Contact Us. You can also share your thoughts in the comments box below.

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